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My journal highlights my personal and professional adventures as a full-time wedding photojournalist! I absolutely love being a wedding photographer! My "job" is to hang out with awesome couples on the biggest day of their lives! Throughout my career I've photographed city weddings with 300 guests and small intimate Riu Ochos Rios Jamaica destination weddings with about 30 guests! My wedding photography studio is based out of Lewes Delaware, although I've traveled all over the world including Kingston Jamaica and Montego Bay Jamaica to photograph two events with Prince Charles!!!

So if you want to hang out on your wedding day, please drop me a line...even if you don't have a date set, wedding reception site picked or even if there is no fat rock on your finger! ;)

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June 24th, 2012
  • @TheDif you are NOT supposed to take it rectally. #
February 19th, 2012
February 5th, 2012
January 29th, 2012
  • Sleepy http://t.co/oSwacQNU #
  • Ao dai http://t.co/HY3LNcwg #
  • If you know more about the Kardashians than the current state of US economy … you might wanna reevaluate your values. #
  • We need to stop worrying about rebuilding other nations and concentrate on our own. #fb #
  • Maybe a savvy investing wealthily philanthropist is what we need to get America on track while steering clear of corporate corruption? #
  • Laundry time http://t.co/yIPEY2Qe #
  • @mrcustom of course not! My point is he has money which hopefully help him steer clear of corporate lobbying and bribes. #
  • @lizpurcell did that meteorological tech job get filled? #
  • "I want to go shoppin" says Paige at 6:58am. #
  • @Eugene_Heather impersonal and annoying #
  • @Eugene_Heather so a perfect extension of your personality! bwhhaaha #
  • More taxes for people who make over a million dollars is a terrible idea! Who gives the most to charity? Who invests in start-ups? #
  • By simply drinking 8+ cups of water a day and increasing my daily veggie/fruit intake to 90% of my diet … I lost 5 lbs in two week. Crazy. #
  • For all you underground hip-hop fans, you gotta check out J-Live! #
  • It's our perpetual quest to improve our way of life which is declining our sustainability in the future. It's like a reverse mortgage. #
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