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My journal highlights my personal and professional adventures as a full-time wedding photojournalist! I absolutely love being a wedding photographer! My "job" is to hang out with awesome couples on the biggest day of their lives! Throughout my career I've photographed city weddings with 300 guests and small intimate Riu Ochos Rios Jamaica destination weddings with about 30 guests! My wedding photography studio is based out of Lewes Delaware, although I've traveled all over the world including Kingston Jamaica and Montego Bay Jamaica to photograph two events with Prince Charles!!!

So if you want to hang out on your wedding day, please drop me a line...even if you don't have a date set, wedding reception site picked or even if there is no fat rock on your finger! ;)

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March 25th, 2007

Whoever said being a photographer wasn’t a dangerous job? With all the traveling I do as a photographer…I increase my chances of “running” into idiot drivers!

I T-Boned him going 50 MPH…launched over the median strip….did a 180 degree…100 foot mid air flight and landed in a ditch that was about 200 feet from the collision point! It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced! Well one of the top 3 anyway…I can’t make up my mind between the near death freak staph infection in my sinuses….or rolling off a cliff in the mountains in my buddy’s Jeep and now this high speed collision!

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Of course I jumped out of my truck…still in shock…I grabbed my camera and started shooting pictures! I’m going to submit these pictures…and try to promote my business! lol

Both the other driver and myself are fine.

Thought I’d share…


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