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My journal highlights my personal and professional adventures as a full-time wedding photojournalist! I absolutely love being a wedding photographer! My "job" is to hang out with awesome couples on the biggest day of their lives! Throughout my career I've photographed city weddings with 300 guests and small intimate Riu Ochos Rios Jamaica destination weddings with about 30 guests! My wedding photography studio is based out of Lewes Delaware, although I've traveled all over the world including Kingston Jamaica and Montego Bay Jamaica to photograph two events with Prince Charles!!!

So if you want to hang out on your wedding day, please drop me a line...even if you don't have a date set, wedding reception site picked or even if there is no fat rock on your finger! ;)

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August 21st, 2007

I met Carrie at Emily and Geoff’s Bethany Beach wedding in May. She stood out because of her amazing “Marching style” dancing! She had me laughing so hard. Well two day after I posted Emily and Geoff’s online movie, she contacted me and asked me to shoot her wedding! I was very excited, not only to shoot her wedding day but to see some more of her killer dancing skills. As the details came in about location and venue…I became nervous. It was in Bluemont, VA and the reception was in a barn…Yikes! Every preconceived notion and stereotype about her wedding was destroyed when I showed up! Carrie and Damon’s families were so much fun and I believe I was adopted several times!


Carrie had a little case of the “wedding day jitters.”

Wedding cake

Their cake was small but was awesome!!!


Damon’s brothers were the groomsman and flew in from England.


The reception was at Foggy Bottom Vineyard (soon to be Bluemont Vineyards.)

It had amazing views and was very peaceful.


After the ceremony…I only had 20 minutes to shoot some pictures with Carrie and Damon.


They were good sports as I briskly lead them around the property.


Damon’s mom and Carrie’s mom were “cutting the rug” throughout the night!

There were some pretty wild dancing going on. I even saw Carrie do a bit of “marching!”


One of the Blues Brothers even showed up!


I just liked the composition of this shot.


Was playing around with slower shutter speeds and some people walked in front of the camera. Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time!


YouTube Preview Image

Thanks Carrie and Damon for letting me be a part of your wedding day!!!


August 15th, 2007

I headed down to shoot an E-Session with Heather and Dustin in Va Beach. After shooting we decided to do a “Trash the Dress” session with an old dress from the Salvation Army! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for sometime now since being inspired by “Trash the Dress” website. We had a great time….except for Dustin because he was scared of “stinging” crabs!! LOL. Don’t worry Dustin…your wedding day will not be spent rolling around in the ocean and kissing Heather for 4 hours straight!

Trash the Dress

Trash the DressTrash the Dress

Trash the DressTrash the Dress


Delaware Photographer

August 1st, 2007

OK…so I entered another print competition to see how my images would do in an “Official” contest. I rarely do well in contests of any sort. Actually I did well at one previous Delaware photography print competition. I like to say, “When judges hate one of my images…that one will be my top seller!” It is true for the most part though. Some of my most popular wedding pictures and fine art prints…score very low in contests. It is funny to me…

Anywho…here are two winners from the past print competition.

Candid category
2nd Place – “Beach Bum”
wedding photography
Illustrative category
4th Place – “Hustle and Bustle”

wedding photography
Humbled Eyes Photography

July 17th, 2007

In order to streamline my life/business I recently upgraded to a PDA phone. Also I linked my website server email to forward all emails to my Outlook. So ideally this would help merge my emails, calendars and scheduling into one. This would save me hours a week that I could use for other things. Easy right…..nope! PDA works great….Outlook organized every minute of my day and sent me reminders of meetings and alert me about emails. Perfect…until my laptop crashed and I lost most of my emails from the past couple weeks!!!! For some reason my Outlook pulled all the emails off the server and straight to my laptop…so when my laptop “when on to a better place”…..so did my emails. I had all my file and photos backed-up…but lost some emails.

So if you emailed me in the past two weeks and I have not contacted you back….please email me or call me!!!

Just thought I’d vent a bit.

Humbled Eyes Photography

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