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My journal highlights my personal and professional adventures as a full-time wedding photojournalist! I absolutely love being a wedding photographer! My "job" is to hang out with awesome couples on the biggest day of their lives! Throughout my career I've photographed city weddings with 300 guests and small intimate Riu Ochos Rios Jamaica destination weddings with about 30 guests! My wedding photography studio is based out of Lewes Delaware, although I've traveled all over the world including Kingston Jamaica and Montego Bay Jamaica to photograph two events with Prince Charles!!!

So if you want to hang out on your wedding day, please drop me a line...even if you don't have a date set, wedding reception site picked or even if there is no fat rock on your finger! ;)

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March 6th, 2008

Well Jessie contacted me to check my availability for a June 2009 wedding! After chatting with her she informed me that she has been checking out my website for over a year! Then she saw Joanna and Ryan’s Greenville Country Club wedding and I guess that sealed the deal!

Here is some of her first email: “I have been looking at your website eagerly for almost a year now. In helping other friends with their weddings, I started looking- and since I’m a photographer myself (but I don’t do weddings) I always like to see what others are up to. You work is breath-taking. When I got together with Joanna after her wedding and found out you shot her wedding, I was thrilled with your work! She showed me the slide shows you put together of their engagement session and the wedding, and I’m sold. I keep looking at other photographers, but can’t seem to enjoy their work as much as yours. Even though we don’t have things as set as maybe we should to start to connect with a photographer, I’ve been anxiously waiting to get in touch with you.
I was especially sold when I saw how natural Ryan was in the photos – I know that he can clam up in front of the camera, and my fiance is even worse, so I know that you will be able to make his funny-side come out!
I just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully be able to start planning, so I don’t miss out on the chance to have the photographer I want at our wedding. As a photographer, though, this is the one thing in our wedding that I insist on not skimping on. It is only one day, and the photography is the only element that lasts- I want it to be not only excellent, but an experience in and of itself.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Anywhoooo. She is very involved in many charity efforts….with a final goal of saving the world!!! She is very involved in Maryland SPCA. Here is one of the dogs that she help find a home! So cute!


Here is Jessie with Claudia (the pet cheetah) in Kenya.


If you’d like to help Jessie “save the world” then hop over to her SPCA donation page to see how you can help!

~Rob Nicholson

Humbled Eyes Photography

February 21st, 2008

No, Donald Trump didn’t choose me to be The Apprentice…….

Well, along with being a professional photographer I’m also using my GI Bill from the Navy to complete my degree in Entrepreneurship. I have been interested in business since an early age and truly understand the importance of improving the “Professional” side of being a Professional Photographer. While in the Navy I really concentrated my learning in business, research and information systems. Since separating from the Navy I’ve completed various courses including Effective Business Planning, Technology Enabled Entrepreneur, Legal Issues for the Entrepreneur and currently Microeconomics. Anywhooooo…one of my Instructors nominated me to be the featured Entrepreneur student for Delaware Technical Community Colleges’ course catalog!

So for a change I was in front of the camera!!! It was kind of cool to work with another photographer to shoot my picture for the catalog. All I brought with me was my camera and some fishing string. Basically I tied the camera to the fishing string and wrapped it around my wrist to create this image.

Rob Nicholson

Photo by Adrian Wade


Humbled Eyes Photography

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