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My journal highlights my personal and professional adventures as a full-time wedding photojournalist! I absolutely love being a wedding photographer! My "job" is to hang out with awesome couples on the biggest day of their lives! Throughout my career I've photographed city weddings with 300 guests and small intimate Riu Ochos Rios Jamaica destination weddings with about 30 guests! My wedding photography studio is based out of Lewes Delaware, although I've traveled all over the world including Kingston Jamaica and Montego Bay Jamaica to photograph two events with Prince Charles!!!

So if you want to hang out on your wedding day, please drop me a line...even if you don't have a date set, wedding reception site picked or even if there is no fat rock on your finger! ;)

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December 5th, 2010

Finally it was Meg and Jamie’s big day.  Knew this was wedding was gonna rock.  Not sure if it was because of the extremely long and hilarious first email Meg sent me, or the fun Rehoboth Beach Engagement pictures or the continuous sarcasm and bantering between Meg and I!  Haha.

I met up with Meg and her girls at the Hotel Dupont to start the day.   There was music, dancing, booze and WaWa subs.  Ummmm…could it get any better than that?  Well the answer is yes.  :)

winterthur wedding pictures 00001

Dad shows up with WaWa subs.  Mmmmmm.

winterthur wedding pictures 00002

The girls busted out some sweet moves.

winterthur wedding pictures 00003

winterthur wedding pictures 00004

Proud mom looks on…

winterthur wedding pictures 00005

winterthur wedding pictures 00006

winterthur wedding pictures 00007

winterthur wedding pictures 00008

winterthur wedding pictures 00010

winterthur wedding pictures 00011

Was sooooo excited to finally shoot their Winterthur wedding pictures!  Love that venue and this was my first time at Winterthur wedding!

winterthur wedding pictures 00012

winterthur wedding pictures 00013

winterthur wedding pictures 00014

As I scoped out Winterthur before their wedding…I knew that this hill was gonna get explored.  And of course, Meg and Jamie were for an adventure.  winterthur wedding pictures 00015

winterthur wedding pictures 00016

winterthur wedding pictures 00017

winterthur wedding pictures 00018

winterthur wedding pictures 00019

winterthur wedding pictures 00020

winterthur wedding pictures 00021

winterthur wedding pictures 00022

winterthur wedding pictures 00023

winterthur wedding pictures 00024

winterthur wedding pictures 00025

winterthur wedding pictures 00026

winterthur wedding pictures 00027

winterthur wedding pictures 00028

winterthur wedding pictures 00029

And a perfect high five to end the night!

winterthur wedding pictures 00030

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May 24th, 2010

Matt and Devon’s wedding day was FINALLY here!  Geeesh. I’m not saying this because they have been together for 9 years…cough…slacker…cough…Matt.  Actually we go way back to Sunday Funday beach volleyball.  Of course my fondest memory is blocking that ONE spike that giant Matt tried to deliver to my face.  When I first met Devon I thought…she is tiny compared to her mammoth of a man.  She quickly gained my respect by proving herself to be a little fire cracker marinated in heavy sarcasm.

Fast forward to June 20th 2008.  Matt’s sister, Erin, had hired me to photograph her Nassua Valley Vinyards wedding.  Devon had warned me that she is not very photogenic and borderline “goofey” when she gets her pictures taken.  So one of my goals for the night was to get…at least one good picture at Matt’s sister’s wedding.  I got one…just one.  ;)

wedding photography

nassua valley vineyard wedding pictures

Matt fiiiiinnnnaaaallllyyy popped the question and Devon said yes of course.  So the next time we hung out on the beach, we talk about me being their wedding photographer!  Funny thing is Devon actually wrote the check out on the beach wearing a bikini and handed it over to me in between volleyball games!  First time for everything right?

Leading up to the wedding, Devon was pretty laid back.  Expect the part about looking “goofey” in front of the camera.  So of course we needed to “practice” to I headed west for their engagement pictures in Annapolis.  That day the “perfect storm” decide to roll in to interfere with our plans!  The rain actually held off until after our fun filled tour of downtown Annapolis.

engagement pictures in annapolis maryland

Devon and Matt we freaking awesome.  So laid back and chill during the whole day.

wedding photography

“Goofey” infront of the camera my ass!!!

wedding photography

wedding photography

wedding photography

wedding photography

wedding photography


wedding photography

wedding photography
lewes yacht club wedding pictures

lewes yacht club wedding pictures

Jimmy nailing the bestman’s speach!

lewes yacht club wedding pictures

lewes yacht club wedding pictures

lewes yacht club wedding pictures

wedding photography

lewes yacht club wedding pictures

lewes yacht club wedding pictures

wedding photography

wedding photography

Are you practicing spiking Matt??  ;)

wedding photography


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April 26th, 2010

So I haven’t been around in a while.  After an awesome 2009 wedding season and the birth of our little girl Paige I took a break. Hit the road for two months and travel the good ole United States of America.  I’ll be posting new stuff soon!

wedding photography

March 13th, 2010

I know I know.  I haven’t updated the website for a while.  On 2/22 Kaya (our dog) and I hit the road for an eight day cross country trip.  We stopped by several cities and hosted Photog Shootout Events in New Orleans, Dallas and Phoenix!  Rested for a few days in San Diego with the family then headed to Vegas for WPPI!  Each year WPPI calls tens of thousands of portrait and wedding photographers to Las Vegas!  It is so amazing to meet and hang out with old and new friends.  Here is a sneak peak of a little Karaoke that took place!


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